Strategic Friendships
Links to companies and ministries that support us, either through service or giving us materials needed for the site.
A.M.O.K. Arts Ministry Outreach for the Kingdom
A ministry dedicated to helping people use the visual arts in preaching, teaching and reaching. Free ideas and resources, logos, cartoons for your amusement and more. Don't just sit there, RUN A.M.O.K.!
Worldview Academy
The Absolute CAMP Experience
Wild Frontier
Wild Frontier Attitude: "every other human being has no choice but to bow to their human limitations. Only believers can draw upon God's supernatural power to live beyond their limits."
God Laughs Dot Net
Pastor Rus looks at the humorous side of God. Yes, that's right, God does indeed have a humorous side and that is exactly what GodLaughsDotNet is all about. A humorous look at good clean religious humor. Pastor Rus accepts submissions for God humor, and in turn sends the material out in the form of a Collage making reading quite easy.
The Productivity Institute
Time management and productivity seminars and resources.
Free email sports devotionals and other resources at and