About Us
Founded 9.9.99, freeyouthministry.com is a resource website designed for youth pastors by youth pastors.  All of the individuals involved in freeyouthministry have a sincere passion for reaching youth.  Our purpose is to provide a format where youth pastors can share ideas.  Should you have any specific questions, please e-mail Len or Dave

About Len

Len is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary.  He's the youth pastor of Trinity Baptist Church (BGC) in Fairfield, CT. He's a regular contributor for Interlinc's Leaders Guide, he's written tool reviews and three sidebar's for YouthWorker Journal, and even sneaked into Group once. He loves his wife, Tonja, his two  daughters, Taylor and Sarabeth and the Red Sox.
About Ed: Ed is a clown who does this for fun, and loves to sit around watching God move.    (Besides working his wife, Michelle, through medical school residency,  Ed has his MBA, is the lead worshipper at Oakwood Community Church,  and hangs out at  the Scripture Stall Christian bookstore.  Ed has 3 varmints, Tiffany, Peyton, and Hunter.)  He despises sports of any kind.  Five Iron Frenzy Rules!  Ed is also a cofounder of AllFallDown, an interdenominational worship service geared towards junior and senior high students.
About Barry

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Barry began doing Youth Ministry before you were born. Barry has all the characteristics of a good youth minister, being bald, having a belly, and growing a beard. He has done everything in church except be the Senior  Pastor and decided to try that too by starting Common Ground: A church for emerging generations in San Antonio.
Barry's first wife Londa has raised 3 kids, Brooke, Brent, and Brianna while Barry was away on a retreat. Barry and Londa have served in both a megachurch and a normal church setting. Barry has written for Interlinc, World Changers, and several church newsletters. He is currently the oldest living Sophomore at the Univeristy of Texas at San Antonio and the proud great-grandfather of 10 black Lab puppies.

Those hapless victims whom have submitted to our site:

About Steve Watson

Steve is a twelve year youth ministry vet who is the part time (yeah, right!)  youth minister at Princeton Park Baptist Church in Rowlett, TX. He's been there three years and he also works as the Radio Production Assistant with Josh McDowell Ministry.

About Mike Nygren

Mike's thirty years of working with youth began in 1969 in a small church in Chestertown, Maryland. He was the full-time director of youth ministry at Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, Ohio. As the director of Student Leadership Ministries. his passion today is working with leaders comes from his personal experience and under-standing of youth ministry potential.

About Dave Ambrose

Dave has been working with students for the past nine years, first with Campus Life in Wisconsin and then as youth pastor of Parma Heights Baptist Church in Ohio. He's also a member of the YS Resource Seminar Team.

About Dave Johnson

Dave is a bi-vocational Youth Pastor at Grafton Baptist Church in Yorktown, Virginia (near Williamsburg) and in his other life, he's a CPA with  his own practice in Newport News.
About Laurie Polich

Laurie is a popular youth speaker, an adjunct youth ministry professor, and a member of the YS Resource Seminar team. Her books include Creative Bible Lessons From the Old Testament and Help! I'm a Small-Group Leader.
About Matt McGill

Matt is married and has been on the high school youth ministry staff of Saddleback Valley Community Church since 1994.  Besides providing Doug Fields with all of his funny lines Matt began the Purpose Driven Youth Ministry Forum (join by sending an e-mail to pdym-list-subscribe@egroups.com) and he provides free Power Point backgrounds on his personal web site. Mark Tittley Mark is a lecturer in youth ministry at BTC Southern Africa in Johannesburg,  South Africa and he maintains the Commitment Level Model of Youth Ministry website.

About Danny Seago

Danny is perhaps one of the best looking fat people you'll ever meet. He loves reading, teaching and playing bingo alone. He has the average number of body parts for his area of the country and can balance cars on his tongue. His degree in Christian Theatre from Hannibal-LaGrange College in Hannibal, Missouri has left him hopelessly weird and unemployable. He has however secured a position as the Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church, Vandalia, Ohio where is just far away from everything to be annoyed about it. Danny's passions include his kids (Tiff, Chris and Micah), his wife (Gerri) and a Man of no reputation who has led Danny into the most wonderful of careers (Jesus).

About Todd Boudreau

Todd is the youth pastor of Neighborhood Assemblies of God Church in Okinawa, Japan. He's a graduate of Berean University and has a heart for the need for teenagers today to find a living relationship with God through Jesus Christ. He is also a Chief Warrant Officer in the U.S. Army and is stationed at Fort Buckner, Okinawa with his wife, Soonja, and their two boys - Jesse and Patrick. You may find more information about their ministry and family at http://userhp.konnect.net/chiefb/
About Michael Coradetti

Mike is a graduate of Florida State University, where he conned his way through a degree in Religious Studies.  He's crewed with a North Atlantic  swordfishing outfit, trained dolphins to recover lost earrings and traveled the Far East as a sword-for-hire, and currently serves as Youth Pastor at the Village Church in Western Springs, IL.  His wife thinks he spends too much time in their tiger pit behind the house - she'd rather him change the lightbulb in ther kitchen and maybe clean out the storage room.  In his spare time, he watches football and plays his guitar and basically just stumbles through life by the sheer grace of God.  Oh yeah...and he loves teenagers,  too.

About "Big" Mike McVey is called "Big Mike" because he weighs two hundred and eighty-five pounds and is six feet and nine inches tall. Think he has any rowdy jr. high boy troubles? He lives in Mississippi where he likes to sleep, read, and eat pizza.

About Tony Myles

Tony Myles received Christ while in high schoool through the student ministry of Willow Creek Community Church. Soon he realized that his call to youth ministry, included integrating the vision of contemporary ministry into local communities needing a new perspective on Christian leadership.  He has a decade of experience in both small-town and mega-churches, and is Assistant Pastor of Young Life ministries at Greenville Community Church in Michigan.  In his free time, he enjoys writing and taking long walks with his wife, Katie, and their very spoiled dog, C.K.